Tiger Woods: Redemption

Before I get get in to deep with this rant, let me first disclose the following: I have a “love-hate” relationship with Tiger Woods. As in I have really, REALLY tried to love Tiger, only to really, REALLY dislike him.

It’s hard to get behind someone who doesn’t get behind his own identity.

Remember that time when he was on Oprah (before she REALLY BECAME Oprah) and had the nerve to get offended when someone asked about his blackness? I think the term he used was “cablinasian”.

Yeah, that really made me some kind of way.

But you know what, I love a comeback story in sports as much as the next cat. And man, this was one helluva comeback.

For Tiger, to win a first major tournament since 2008 (and fifth Masters, his first since 2005) and to do so at 43 YEARS OF AGE has to be the ultimate redemption story.

I know he has won a tournament before the Masters and finished second in the PGA Championship last year, but did anyone expect Tiger to do THIS? Coming from behind on the FINAL DAY to do so??

(And yes, I now think Tiger can catch AND PASS Jack Nicholas for having the most majors.)

This has to rank as one of the biggest comeback stories in all of sports. The other that was bigger than this was Muhammad Ali’s return to being the heavyweight champion of the world after having to be away for three years.

So to Tiger Woods I say this: congrats on winning the 2019 Masters — and go ‘head with you ‘cablinasian’ self!

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