Which Team Is the Best Fit for Antonio Brown?

First of all, let me start by saying this: the Pittsburgh Steelers should NOT have let the Antonio Brown situation get as bad as it is right now.

Ben Roethlisberger (who I think is the BIG part of the problem) should have tried harder to make the situation with AB right. He’s going to miss AB when the Steelers’ passing game sputters a bit.

Head coach Mike “Omar Epps” Tomlin should have been a stricter disciplinarian and check AB’s ass a long time ago. He let AB run amok to the point he was out of control.

This makes me sick as a Steelers fan. Even fans of the Cincinnati Bengals and Cleveland Browns think my team is dysfunctional.

Yet, here we are.

That said, AB can put MANY teams over the top. The Colts, Browns and Packers are a few teams that come to mind.

I think that AB would look REALLY good in a Carolina Panthers uniform.

Yeah, I said it. The Panthers would benefit the most from AB joining their squad.

Imagine AB on an offense with Christian McCaffery at RB and Cam Newton at QB. Ya think fellow receivers Jaylen Samuels, DJ Moore and Devin Funchess would be grateful for AB’s presence? The Panthers would be scary as fuck on offense.

Simply put, the Panthers are a dynamic offensive playmaker away from competing for a Super Bowl. You’ve hear it here first…

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  1. I hope someone will take him- I agree they let things get out of hand over the years it wasn’t just an all the sudden thing. They need to get rid of the drama. I’ve been a Steelers fan for 50 years and this has become a hard team to root for.

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