Kyler Murray Chose with His Heart

So Kyler Murray chose football over baseball. Not at all shocking, if you asked me.

Dude balled out for one year at Oklahoma, winning the Heisman. Hell, from a stats standpoint, he out-did the previous Heisman winner Baker Mayfield! And yes, I know it’s college, but Kyler put up numbers in the College Football Playoff against an Alabama defense littered with future NFL players.

I’ve also seen him play baseball, and while I think that he would make at the VERY least a very good infielder in the major leagues, football is obviously his first love. Hence, his statement saying he’s all in on football.

By the way, this young brother has a chance to be the first person to be chosen in the first round in TWO professional sports. TWO!!! Gotta give him some props for that alone.

As for the Oakland A’s, oh well…

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