Did Kaepernick Sell Out?

We will never know to what degree the NFL colluded against Colin Kaepernick.

News of the settlement came Friday, and coupled with the non-disclosure agreement that both parties signed, we could only speculate on what may have transpired behind the scenes. And even though the settlement happened, we all know that the NFL did its damnedest to keep Kaepernick out of the league.

Mark Sanchez, Nathan Peterman, Blaine Gabbert and Josh Johnson all got jobs before Kaepernick. But there’s NO collusion. REALLY????

Let’s go back to the settlement for a minute.

There are some folks saying that they were disappointed that Kaepernick didn’t see this fight through. I am one of them.

I wanted to see him hold every NFL owners’ feet to the fire in court. I wanted to see how much those owners kowtowed to a sitting president, even at the risk of losing big in court and alienating a big chunk of the league’s fan base.

People are also disappointed that the NFL was able to pay off Kaepernick and make his case go away. Some have taken a step further to say that he sold out.

I think the notion of Kaepernick selling out is absurd as hell.

Simply put, if the NFL thought it could beat Kaepernick in a court of law, it would have rode this shit out. Instead, the NFL paid up to end it and keep ANY information to come to light.

Besides, how would Kaepernick be able to help caused without any money? Do we want our revolutionaries to be broke?

To me, the settlement was not merely about the NFL caving in to a smoking gun, it was one of discovery. The NFL did not want the public to know in a court of law the extent of said collusion.

The NFL may not have been proven guilty, but the settlement proved it had a guilty conscience…

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