What To Do About Mike Tomlin

Followers of this blog know how much I can’t stand Mike Tomlin.

I don’t like the fact that he is emotional to the point that he lets his emotion cloud his judgment. We’ve seen it throughout his tenure. His team gets high for good teams and low for the terrible teams.

How do they lose to fucking Oakland and then turn around and beat New England? How do they tie the Browns pre-Baker Mayfield and beat down the Carolina Panthers? Lose to the Broncos and beat the Ravens on the road???

I’m just sick and damn tired of the inconsistency.

I’ve also questioned Tomlin’s in-game decisions. We’ve seen poorly timed onside kicks, the fact that he hasn’t won a reply challenge in 1,000 years. And we won’t talk about that damn fake punt on 4th and 5 IN THEIR OWN TERRITORY late in the game.

The aftermath of Tomlin’s boneheaded decision to fake punt it wasted a valiant effort by the offense AND the defense. And that’s a damn shame.

And lastly, Tomlin does a poor job of keep distractions at a minimum in the locker room. The way the players threw Le’Veon Bell under the bus for holding out told me that this season was going to be a complete clusterfuck. Well, looks like I am not wrong on that.

Having said that, while I would be in favor of removing Tomlin, I don’t know who in the hell is going to coach my squad.

Mike McCarthy (couldn’t get it down with A-A-Ron Rodgers)? Jim Harbaugh (that shit is a pipe dream)? Tony Dungy (good luck with luring him out of his cushing gig at NBC Sports)?

Look, no one is saying Tomlin can’t coach. Dude is 131–71–1 for his career for a reason.

At the very least, he HAS to fix the problem. How? I don’t know.

I’d start with getting a new defensive coordinator. That side of the ball has too much damn talent to come up short more times than not.

I’d also get in the face of Ben Roethlisberger and make him a better leader. We all know how poor of a leader he is. Is he going to throw someone under the bus again this week?

I know one thing for sure. Tomlin better do something to improve the atmosphere in the locker room and keep his team perform high REGARDLESS OF THE OPPONENT.

His job may depend on it sooner rather than later…

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