2018 Week 16 NFL Preview

Game of the Week

Kansas City Chiefs at Seattle Seahawks

This match-up is for nostalgic old farts like me who remember years when these teams were once fierce AFC West rivals. Instead of the old decrepit Kingdome, we have Century Link Field.

At any rate, this is a gut check for the Chiefs. They haven’t looked too good the last two weeks, winning a close one over the Ravens in overtime and losing the Chargers in prime time — both at home. They can’t afford to have another sluggish game in Seattle.

Speaking of which, Seattle needs this win to lock up a wild card. It helps that the Seahawks have been playing well as of late, last week’s OT loss to San Francisco notwithstanding. I expect Seattle to bounce back against their old AFC West rivals at home in prime time.

It should be a doozy… Seahawks 30, Chiefs 27

Ass Whupping of the Week

Rams over Cardinals

If the Rams don’t take advantage of what should be a classic “get right” game, I don’t know what to tell their fans.

Saturday’s Games

Titans over Washington
Chargers over Ravens (Los Angeles needs to do Steelers fans like me a solid here)

Sunday’s Games

Browns over Bengals
Patriots over Bills
Cowboys over Buccaneers
Falcons over Panthers
Colts over Giants
Dolphins over Jaguars
Packers over Jets (A-a-Ron Rodgers is the only reason why a lot of people give a damn about an otherwise sorry-ass game)
Eagles over Texans
Vikings over Lions
Bears over 49ers

Monday’s Game

Broncos over Raiders

Record last week: 7-9 (the upsets kicked my ass, for real)
Year-to-date: 141–77-2 (still moving onward, but damn…)

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