2018 NFL Week 7 Preview

Game of the Week

New Orleans Saints at Baltimore Ravens

This may very well be a Super Bowl preview (the Steelers fan in me hope that is not the case). We again have the case of the unstoppable force (Saints) vs. the immovable object (Ravens). Something has to give.

Though the Saints are historically putrid on the road in cold weather, I like them in this one, albeit BARELY. Baltimore can REALLY play some defense, but it hasn’t seen anything like the Drew Brees experience… Saints 27, Ravens 21.

Ass Whooping of the Week

Rams over 49ers. Los Angeles is great, and San Francisco is terrible. This will get ugly by halftime.

Upset Special

Washington over Cowboys. I don’t have a good reason for picking Washington, I just hate Dallas so much…

Thursday’s Game

Broncos over Cardinals (did y’all REALLY think I would pick the damn Cardinals?)

Sunday’s Games

Chargers over Titans
Buccaneers over Browns
Eagles over Panthers
Vikings over Jets
Dolphins over Lions
Patriots over Bears
Colts over Bills (two sorry-ass teams going at it)
Texans over Jaguars (way happened to #Sacksonville???)
Chiefs over Bengals

Monday’s Game

Falcons over Giants (the “Underachiever Bowl” in full effect)

Record last week: 8-7 (dude, those upsets…)
Year-to-date: 5734-2 (keep on truckin’…)

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