T.O. and the Hall of Fame Are Petty as Hell

nfl_hall_of_fame-e1422558776312I’m BAAAAAACK!

I recently moved into a new house and my wife and I are ALMOST fully unpacked.  And what better way to come out of my blogging “sabbatical” than to rant over Terrell Owens and his tiff with the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Look, those who know me best say that I am petty by nature.  I hold grudges, and am quick to say “I told you so” and sometimes bask in past antagonists’ misery.

I was one of the few who wanted to see Owens attend the Hall of Fame ceremony just to see him go off on his critics.

Could you imagine the level of petty this dude would have spewed on a big stage on national television?  You know he would’ve needled the hell out of the HOF voters, past quarterbacks (ESPECIALLY Donovan McNabb), and media personalities (namely Skip Bayless).  You know how fast the internet (ESPECIALLY Twitter) would have been broken?  Memes for days, yo.

Unfortunately for me and most fans, Owens will not attend and will instead give his speech at his alma mater University of Tennessee-Chattanooga.

I already said how cool it would have been for Owens to honor those who have helped him during his pro football journey.  How his grandmother, who raised him, played a huge role in his life.  Past assistant coaches (including one who would have been his presenter) who believed in him.  Those folks would be the biggest losers because none of us would have had the pleasure of learning about them on such a big stage.

And in the midst of that disappointment, the Pro Football Hall of Fame decided to see Owens’ petty and raised it to another level.  Hell, the HOF may as well have yelled, “all-in!”

What the HOF fails to realize is that not only this would create a bigger cloud over the induction ceremony and distract from the inductees, it also reinforces Owens’ belief that the voters indeed made it personal with his candidacy.

I just need for someone to be the adult here and stop this pettiness.  It wouldn’t be fun for me, but come on now…



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