NFL Weekly Picks from the Twitter-sphere (Week 5)

I’m a little late (ok, three days) with this, but heeeeere we go…

Games Dani Bostick
Jake Anderson
Jaguars at Steelers Steelers Steelers
Bills at Bengals  Bills Bills (sneaky good team)
Jets at Browns  Jets Jets (much to the dismay of their fans)
Panthers at Lions  Panthers Lions
49ers at Colts  Colts 9ers
Titans at Dolphins  Titans Titans
Chargers at Giants  Chargers NYG (battle of the dumpster fires)
Cardinals at Eagles  Eagles  Philly
Ravens at Raiders  Raiders  Raiders
Seahawks at Rams  Seahawks Rams (team of the future?)
Packers at Cowboys  Cowboys Cows (unfortunately)
Chiefs at Texans  Texans Chiefs
Vikings over Bears  Vikings Vikes
Patriots at Buccaneers  Patriots Pats

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