The World’s Quickest (and Most Insightful) 2017 MLB Playoff Preview

I am a man who believes in brevity.

No harping on the small, inconsequential stuff. I’m here to give y’all the full meat and potatoes, and I’m gonna start with the 2017 MLB divisional series.

One thing MLB got right was the wildcard round: a one game, winner-take-all. It’s exciting, and it underscores the importance of a team winning its division.

Ok, I’m making this too long, so I’ll shut the hell up and give you my divisional round picks…

American League

Cleveland Indians vs. New York Yankees

Analysis: my beloved Yankees have the best bullpen in baseball. The Indians can mash and are looking for redemption from last year’s choke job in the World Series. Better luck next year, Yanks!

Prediction: Indians in four

Houston Astros vs. Boston Red Sox

Analysis: Houston will be inspired to represent the city’s spirit after the hurricane battered it. Plus, they have guys who can both mash AND pitch. And they have Boston’s number. Speaking of which, I just hate the Red Sox. F$&@ them.

Prediction: Astros in four

National League

Los Angeles Dodgers vs. Arizona Diamondbacks

Analysis: the Dodgers simply have the best team in baseball. Aside from the lull it had late in the season, they are going to be a pretty tough out (no pun intended) in these playoffs. It doesn’t help that the only Diamondback I know is that bearded dude.

Prediction: Dodgers in a sweep

Chicago Cubs vs. Washington Nationals

Analysis: I love what manager Joe Madden has done for the Cubs, leading them to a waaaay long overdue World Series championship. And given how the Nationals have flamed out in every playoff appearance, I expect the Cubs to do well in its title defense.

Prediction: Cubs in five

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