Politics and Sports: Never an Ideal Mix

“Stick to sports!”

That is the quote that has been uttered several times over from fans, pundits, and ironically politicians. That is the quote that has uttered when people, who generally agree with the premise of the first amendment, shout when an opinion given is not one they agree with.

Politics and sports have been intertwined for a long-ass time.

Athletes have long used their platform in efforts to bring about change, from the black fist protest on the medal stand in the 1968 Mexico City Olympics to Billie Jean King to the athletes kneeling during (or before) the national anthem. I’ve got news for y’all, athletes are still going to protest and speak out against social ills and political tyranny. And those same athletes know that the reaction to such protests could either lead to productive dialogue or a backlash, whether it be from fans, fellow players – or even politicians.

Which brings us to Vice President Mike Pence.

Pence expressed his displeasure with the protests via Twitter and abruptly left the Colts’ game after the national anthem was played. Now he, like others who are pro- or anti-kneeling, has a right to his opinion — even if it came off as perhaps the mother of all political grandstandings (and an apparently expensive one).

If people, namely his (and President Donald Trump’s) base, respected it then they should do the same for those athletes protesting and/or speaking out. Why people choose to have their cake and eat it too when it comes to the first amendment will always tickle the hell out of me.

And if y’all REALLY want these athletes to “stick to sports”, tell President Trump and his cronies to “stick to politics”…

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