NFL Weekly Picks from the Twitter-sphere (Week 4)

img_7982-26I have been appreciating the love y’all showed me on my weekly picks via Twitter (and Facebook).  But I’ve decided to do something different this season.

After much planning (and a little procrastination), here is the inaugural NFL weekly picks from friends from the Twitter-sphere.  I’ll probably be a little earlier next week, but whatever.

At any rate, if any of you are interested in joining the party, hit me up on Twitter here.  Who knows, maybe YOUR picks will show up here too?

Games Dani Bostick
Jake Anderson
 Bears at Packers  Packers Packers
 Steelers at Ravens  Steelers Steelers
 Saints at Dolphins  Dolphins  Dolphins
 Bills at Falcons  Falcons  Falcons
 Bengals at Browns  Browns (!!)  Bengals
 Rams at Cowboys  Cowboys  Cows (Unfortunately)
 Lions at Vikings  Lions  Lions
 Panthers at Patriots  Patriots  Patriots
 Jaguars at Jets  Jaguars  Jaguars
 Titans at Texans  Texans  Titans (Old Oilers over new Oilers?)
 49ers at Cardinals  Cardinals  Cardinals
 Eagles at Chargers  Eagles  Eagles
 Giants at Buccaneers  Buccaneers  Giants (Cant lose them all)
 Raiders at Broncos  Broncos  Raiders (Cant be as bad as they were last week)
 Colts at Seahawks  Seahawks  Seagulls
 Redskins at Chiefs (Politically Incorrect Bowl)  Chiefs  KC (Arrowhead Monday night? Stealing money)

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