NFL 2017 Week 4 Preview

Game of the Week

Los Angeles Rams at Dallas Cowboys

While Oakland-Denver may be more qualified on paper, this matchup takes the cake for one reason: to see if the Rams are for real. While I think they are a lot better than they were under “Mr. 7-9” Jeff Fisher, I still think they are a year away.

Besides, I don’t think they could stand up to Ezekiel Elliott and the “Dak-attack” (I just threw up in my mouth after typing that)…

Cowboys 20, Rams 17

The “Who Gives a F$&@” Game of the Week

Cincinnati at Cleveland. This comes down to which squad sucks less, though it sucks more for the state of Ohio.

Browns over Bengals (that’s right, I actually picked the Browns to win a game)

Thursday’s Game

Packers over Bears

Sunday’s Games

Ravens over Steelers
Dolphins over Saints
Falcons over Bills
Lions over Vikings
Patriots over Panthers (this has the looks of a curb-stomping)
Jaguars over Jets
Texans over Titans
Cardinals over 49ers
Eagles over Chargers
Buccaneers over Giants
Broncos over Raiders
Seahawks over Colts

Monday’s Game

Chiefs over Washington

Week 3 record: 8-8 (damn, I was really average?)
Year to date: 19-13

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  1. Great picks man. I’m right there with you, but I just couldn’t bring myself to picking the Browns hahaha

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