Rick Pitino Ran Out of Lives

I gotta give it to Rick Pitino. No matter how deep the scandal, he was sure to come away from it scot-free — or at least just a little dirty.

Remember in 2010 when he had to testify in a federal extortion trial against Karen Sypher, who was later convicted and jailed after trying to get cash from him in exchange for silence? Silence for what, you ask? Silence for the married Pitino having sex with Sypher at a local restaurant, of course.

Remember in 2015 when the NCAA launched an investigation into the on campus brothel created by former assistant Andre McGee in the athletes dorm? In addition to possibly having his 2013 national title vacated, Pitino was suspended for the first five ACC games.

Now comes word of a federal investigation into fraud and corruption in recruiting, in which Louisville was named as one of the schools involved. Think Pitino could go three-for-three?

He struck out instead.

Pitino was fired earlier today as the current school administration has apparently had enough. His boss, athletic director Tim Jurich, was also fired as well (which I think will hurt the athletic department more in the long run than Pitino’s firing).

Look, this ain’t a rant judging and slamming Pitino. I just report on the facts.

Besides, if we are REALLY honest with ourselves, this shit happens at most college athletic programs. Recruiting is a very seedy word where one almost HAS to get dirty.

Do you REALLY think college ballers from the ‘hood find Lawrence, Kansas attractive? Same with Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Ditto Lexington, Kentucky. Definitely Columbia, Missouri.

As for me, I don’t give a damn if college athletes are paid under the table. I’m a hardcore capitalist, dammit.

I just prefer to call things for what it is. Because at the end of the day this is not amateurism — it’s “sham-ateurism”…

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