Can’t Blame Kyrie

A lot of people are clowning Kyrie Irving for requesting a trade from the Cleveland Cavaliers.

They wonder aloud whether Kyrie is truly all about winning.

After all, he's been winning often, hasn't he? He's been in the NBA Finals three years in a row. Hell, he even hit a step back three on Stephen Curry to win the NBA Finals a year ago.

Those same people who are clowning Kyrie for wanting to escape LeBron James' shadow.

Wasn't LeBron responsible for helping Kyrie win his championship ring? LeBron's presence allowed Kyrie lots of freedom offensively by taking a lion share of the pressure off of him. Basically, LeBron was largely responsible for Kyrie's shine.

So I get people wanting to give Kyrie a hard time for wanting to leave.

What I say to that is, if you had been paying attention the last month and some change, you wouldn't blame Kyrie for wanting to get out of Dodge.

Y'all remember those reports of the Cavs offering Kyrie (not Kevin Love) and a few spare parts for Paul George? And maybe for Carmelo Anthony? If I were a stud like Kyrie and I got wind that my team was trying to trade me for a dude who I am better than, I'd be pissed too.

And there have been rumors that this may be LeBron's last year in Cleveland. If you're Kyrie and are facing the prospect of being left with a roster that was tailor-made for the superstar who just left, would that make your ass all warm and fuzzy?

I'm sure Kyrie remembers what life was like before LeBron came back to Cleveland. Year after year in the lottery.

Again, clown Kyrie for wanting to be traded from the Cavs as much as y'all want. Just know that here are two sides to every story.

P.S. Please trade him to my Knicks…

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  1. YES! Thank you! I felt like I was the only one on Kyrie’s side haha.

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