Tiger’s Free-fall Continues

Watching Tiger Woods’ continuing fall from grace reminds me of a song by The Whispers called “(Olivia) Lost and Turned Out”.

“Olivia the slave, got distracted on her way to grandmother’s house
A wolf in lamb’s clothing came
Blew her mind and changed her ways and now she’s turned out
Lost and turned out, lost and turned out…”

To me, that describes Woods to a tee: lost and turned the hell out.  Hell, if you don’t think this mug shot of Woods after his DUI doesn’t scream “lost and turned out”, then I don’t know what to tell you.


Yes, I know that Woods wasn’t drunk behind the wheel (thank God).  And yes, he appeared to suffer side effects from all of those pain meds he is taking.  

But a DUI is STILL a DUI.  Not a good look for a dude who was once one of the most powerful professional athletes in the world.  

Tiger has been on a free-fall since that fateful Thanksgiving evening in 2009, when is then-wife took a golf club (appropriately) upside his car and his head after she found those text messages from his harem of mistresses.  

He once seemed like he had everything.  He was THE MAN in golf, with earning potential that shot through the roof (or the ceiling if you are Michael Jordan).  Bill Gates marveled at how rich this dude was. 

Now Woods has become synonymous with embarrassment.  If you don’t believe me, take another look at his mugshot.  

This has to rank as one of the worst precipitous falls from grace ever… 

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