A Quick-Ass 2017 MLB Preview

mlbWhile it’s not the NFL, or college football for that matter, 2017 Major League Baseball’s regular season is right around the corner.  This season should provide interesting story-lines, though.

Are the Chicago Cubs the next big dynasty?  Will the Cleveland Indians bounce back from last World Series’ disappointment?

For those of you unfamiliar with this sports blog, I am a man of brevity.  I don’t waste time, beat around the bush, and draw crap out for the sake of tallying content.  I get straight to the point.

Therefore, this is going to be a rather quick-and-to-the-point MLB season preview.  Hope y’all enjoy the quick and dirty!

Oh and one more thing: make sure y’all get those fantasy lineups ready, too (I just did!).

So without further ado…

American League

East Division

  1. New York Yankees (93-69)
  2. Toronto Blue Jays (90-72)*
  3. Baltimore Orioles (90-72)
  4. Boston Red Sox (81-81)
  5. Tampa Bay Rays (70-92)

Analysis: My Yankees not only have young sluggers who can mash, but they’ve improved their bullpen with the Aroldis Chapman re-signing.  If starting pitchers Betances improves and Tanaka stays healthy, the sky’s the limit.

Central Division

  1. Cleveland Indians (97-65)
  2. Detroit Tigers (92-70)*
  3. Kansas City Royals (88-74)
  4. Chicago White Sox (70-92)
  5. Minnesota Twins (60-102)

Analysis: I think the Indians will bounce back from last year’s World Series disappointment and still run the AL Central.  They’ll be a factor again in October.  #InFranconaWeTrust

West Division

  1. Texas Rangers (92-70)
  2. Houston Astros (90-72)
  3. Seattle Mariners (84-78)
  4. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim near El Segundo next door to Compton (80-82)
  5. Oakland Athletics (60-102)

Analysis: A more competitive Houston will give MLB the long-awaited spicy Texas-Houston rivalry it craved when it moved the Astros to the AL West.  Keep an eye on the Mariners – they have the talent to crash that party.

National League

East Division

  1. Washington Nationals (95-67)
  2. New York Mets (94-68)*
  3. Miami Marlins (88-74)
  4. Philadelphia Phillies (70-92)
  5. Atlanta Braves (50-112)

Analysis: This division (along with the NL West) may be the most competitive at the top.  The Nats have the team to challenge the Cubs in the National League, but the Mets are equipped to spoil that party.  Meanwhile, #Pray4BravesFans…

Central Division

  1. Chicago Cubs (100-62)
  2. St. Louis Cardinals (90-72)
  3. Pittsburgh Pirates (89-73)
  4. Milwaukee Brewers (70-92)
  5. Cincinnati Reds (62-100)

Analysis: I really, REALLY love what GM Theo Epstein and manager Joe Maddon are doing in Chicago.  No more curses here!  Meanwhile the Cardinals, aka “Team Cockroach”, will always be a factor in the NL Central.

West Division

  1. San Francisco Giants (92-70)
  2. Los Angeles Dodgers (91-71)*
  3. Arizona Diamondbacks (80-82)
  4. Colorado Rockies (71-91)
  5. San Diego Padres (65-97)

Analysis: It’s an odd-numbered year, so you know what that means: the Giants are going to win the NL West and be a factor in October.

Note: * – Wildcard team

2017 World Series: Cubs over Yankees

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  1. I agree with most of your predictions but the Yankees and Red Sox I would flip and the Braves I don’t think will be that bad- 75 wins.

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