Las Vegas Raiders: it Just Fits

There are partnerships that are considered to be the most successful in American history. 

Laurel and Hardy.  Peaches and Herb.  Amos and Andy.  Sanford and Son.  Cookies and cream.  Afro and Sheen. 

And what better partnership to add to the list than Las Vegas and Raiders?

The NFL made the move official earlier today, voting for the Raiders’ move from Oakland to Las Vegas 31-1 (the Miami Dolphins were the only ones who were hatin’ for some reason).  It’s obvious that the NFL looked at the potential of having a renegade franchise in a famous renegade city and saw nothing but dollar signs. 

Look, I know that not many fans like the relocation of sports franchises.  And I know that it REALLY sucks for the fans in Oakland.  

The mayor of Oakland is bitching at how the NFL did not give city officials a chance at making what was, in her eyes, an attractive rebuttal to the Las Vegas package.  

Look, let’s be real about something.  There was no way in the hell Oakland could compete with most American cities financially, let alone Las Vegas.  

That’s the way it works in economics in America.  It’s survival of the fittest, and your ass better keep up. 

As for me, this non-Raiders fan loves what I believe is a match made in heaven.  Sin City and the Raiders.  Gotta love it. 

Quick sidebar: I never thought I’d witness the franchise movements that’s been going on in professional sports within the last calendar year.  

Two NFL teams BACK in Los Angeles.  Two professional franchises in Las Vegas (an NHL expansion team being the other).

What’s next, a pro team in the South Pole?

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