No, the ACC is NOT Overrated

img_0188A lot of college basketball fans are VERY emotional right now, and for good reason.

The NCAA Tournament had produced a plethora of surprises in the “Round of 32” – oh what the hell, the SECOND round (I will NEVER count the play-in games as part of the tournament, dammit).  As a result, lots of brackets are about to be – if not already – incinerated.

Hell, I’m not even going to even take a gander at my jacked-up bracket.  My stupid ass had the nerve to pick Duke and UNC in the title game, with Duke winning it all of course.

Lesson of the day: no NC State alum should pick Duke AND UNC to go far in the tournament, let alone to play for the title.

However, at the end of the day, we all have to realize that this is why they call this month “March Madness”.  This is where BLEEP happens in college basketball, conference tournaments and the Big Dance.

And despite all the mess that went down, one thing should still remain clear: the Atlantic Coast Conference is not, and never will be, an overrated basketball conference.

Yeah, I know it’s a hard notion to sell.  However, everyone is prone to be a prisoner of the moment, and it includes members of the media like Aaron Torres of Fox Sports, Jeff Goodman from ESPN, and some random dude from SB Nation.

Look, did the conference have a bad showing in the tournament?  Hell yeah.  Did it look putrid in doing so?  Hell, friggin yeah.

Notre Dame and Duke got straight up punked in the second round.  Both did not have the point guards to get them past West Virginia and South Carolina, respectively.  At least Louisville had a respectable performance vs. a red-hot Michigan.  And we won’t talk about Florida State’s abysmal performance.

(Speaking of Duke, how cool was it to see UNC and South Carolina fans put aside past bad blood and cheer in unison against the Blue Devils?)

Stuff like this happens all the time in the tournament.  Remember when the Big East had 11 teams make the tournament?  Well, only TWO of those teams made it past the first weekend.

The Southeastern Conference and Pac-12 are having great tournaments.  Do y’all think those conferences are better than the ACC?

I didn’t think so…

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