2016 NFL Preview: NFC East

Today I will preview what was once a mighty division, only to have become a division that would make the lousy AFC South blush: the NFC East, aka “Least”.

(In order of predicted finish)

Washington Redskins  (9-7)

This team was able to put away the Robert Griffin III distractions to win this “turrible” division.

Head coach Jay Gruden did an outstanding of leading this team through its flaws and injuries.  Owner Dan “Danny Boy” Snyder did an outstanding job of staying the hell out of the way. 

I think QB Kirk Cousins will take the next step in becoming the new face of the franchise, though he won’t sneak up on folks this season.  As long as the WRs are healthy, the offense should score enough points to win some games. 

The spotlight will be on newly acquired blabber mouth – errr, I mean Josh Norman.  If he could bring any of that interception magic to that defense, look the hell out. 

Simply put, in a division where all the teams have terrible flaws, the Redskins have the least…

Dallas Cowboys (8-8)

As much as I hate the Cowboys, I can’t help but feel sorry for these dudes.  

Take QB Tony Romo for example. 

Dude is about a brittle as a KitKat.  I mean, you can’t blow on him without fracturing SOMETHING.  Yet I cannot muster enough strength to laugh at his and the team’s misfortune.  

I will say that Ezekiel Elliot will be a damn good running back in this league.  And last I checked, the Cowboys still employ Dez Bryant and Jason Witten.  And keep an eye on new backup QB Dak Prescott.  I think he has the will and heart to be a decent QB. 

As for the defense, 10 of my homeboys and I could hang 30 on this bunch…

Philadelphia Eagles (8-8)

I have a feeling no matter how these guys finish, Eagles fans are just glad to have former coach Chip Kelly the hell out of there.  

I think new coach Doug Petersen will get this team in the right direction.  He’ll pound the rock on offense, while attacking on defense.  

Speaking of which, look for new defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz to work his magic on that side of the ball…

New York Giants (6-10)

Sure, the Giants are going to score a lot of points this season – as long as that horrid offensive line protects QB Eli Manning, WR Victor Cruz stays healthy, and if they could find a running game.  

I guess what I am trying to say is Giants fans shouldn’t be expecting a whole lot of hope this season.  I’m not even so sure about that new head coach, whatever his name is.  

And let’s not even discuss that horrific defense.  

I mean sure, New York did draft cornerback Eli Apple (and his momma) in the first round.  But that alleged defense still won’t stop a parked car.

If I were former coach Tom Coughlin, I’d be thanking my lucky stars that ownership was foolish in firing me so I wouldn’t stress over coaching this bunch…

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