2016 NFL Preview: Who Will Win it All?

img_7982-1Week One of the 2016 NFL season is here, and I am SO excited (“that I just can’t hide it, no, NO…”).

This is just a mashup of predicted division winners, wildcards, conference champions and Super Bowl LI (51 for those who flunked the Roman numeral tests in math class) champion.  Each division is hyperlinked to more in depth previews (my bad, NFC West).

So without further ado…


AFC East champions: New England Patriots

AFC North champions: Pittsburgh Steelers

AFC South champions: Indianapolis Colts

AFC West champions: Kansas City Chiefs

Wildcard teams: Cincinnati Bengals, Baltimore Ravens

AFC champs: Steelers


NFC East champions: Washington “Racist-Ass Native American Slurs”

NFC North champions: Green Bay Packers

NFC South champions: Carolina Panthers

NFC West champions: Seattle Seahawks

NFC wildcards: Arizona Cardinals, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

NFC champs: Seahawks

Super Bowl LI champions: Seahawks (call it their Super Bowl XL revenge…)


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