NCAA Letting UNC Slide – BIG Time

unc tarheelsThis long, seemingly never-ending saga the NCAA has going with the University of North Carolina has more than run its course.   With the latest notice of allegations, the NCAA is having its objectivity with discipline the big schools questioned yet again.

UNC released its amended notice of allegations from the NCAA on Monday.  Like the NOA the school received last May, the revised version includes the following “Level I” violations:

  • Impermissible academic assistance provided to women’s basketball players by academic counselor Jan Boxill.
  • Unethical conduct by former AFAM student services manager Deborah Crowder.
  • Unethical conduct by former AFAM department chair Julius Nyang’oro.
  • Failure to monitor the Academic Support Program for Student-Athletes and the AFAM department.
  • Lack of Institutional Control.

Wanna know what is missing?  Football and men’s basketball.

I know what y’all are saying.

“Hey fool, football and men’s b-ball were not mentioned, what’s your problem?”

“How ’bout those sorry-ass Wolfpack?”

“You mad, bro?”

Well, before y’all question my sanity and label me a “UNC hater” (which I un-apologetically am), here are a few nuggets for y’all to chew on.

  • On August 26, 2010, the NCAA began a separate investigation of North Carolina football that involved possible academic fraud involving a tutor, named Jennifer Wiley, in the university’s academic support program.
  • On March 12, 2012, the NCAA issued formal sanctions against North Carolina football: a postseason ban for 2012, reductions of 15 scholarships, and 3 years of probation.
    • The NCAA found North Carolina guilty of multiple infractions, including academic fraud and failure to monitor the football program.
  • Former basketball player (and infamous malcontent) Rashad McCants, a member of the North Carolina basketball team that won the 2005 NCAA championship, alleged that he took substandard classes and had much of his classwork done by tutors.
    • In June 2014, following Rashad McCants’s claims of academic fraud, the NCAA re-opened its investigation of UNC athletics.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

So, I know what y’all are asking yourselves right about now.

“How did the NCAA go from further wrong-doing in the football and men’s basketball programs as it pertained to academic fraud to none at all?”

“What the HAIL?”


This is why folks stay mad at the NCAA for its inconsistencies in its rulings.

One would think the NCAA would hammer UNC similar to how it hammered USC.  Then again, this is the same organization that fudged the Nevin Shapiro scandal at the University of Miami.

Predicting what the NCAA will (and should) do is a total crap-shoot.

In this case, there is no plausible way that the NCAA went from looking to further hammer UNC’s football and men’s basketball programs to finding nothing at all.  The fact that the women’s program and men’s soccer are getting hammered  instead is beyond ridiculous.

It’s as if both of those programs are falling on the proverbial sword.  And if that’s the case, shame on the UNC athletics department.  Shame on the women’s and soccer programs for allowing this to happen.

And shame on the NCAA for allowing UNC’s two big money making programs to likely get off scot-free…

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