The Crazy Laremy Tunsil Saga

Laremy-Tunsil-weedWhat a crazy weekend it was for Laremy Tunsil.

If Hollywood were presented with a script that contained scenes similar to what Tunsil experienced before and during the NFL Draft, it would reject it in a New York minute.

Let’s recap, shall we?

Literally a day before the NFL Draft, video emerged of him smoking marijuana through a gas mask.  The video was a couple of years old, and many suspected it was Tunsil’s stepfather who leaked the video.

Who is Tunsil’s stepfather, you ask?  His name is Lindsey Miller.  And by the way, Miller was the same dude who Tunsil beat the hell out of for allegedly assaulting his mother – and is suing Tunsil for damages.

If that wasn’t bad enough, Tunsil’s Instagram account was also apparently hacked, this time after the draft, when a screen shot was posted of an alleged exchange between the player and a member of the University of Mississippi athletics department regarding payment of his mother’s $305 utility bill.

Still think Hollywood would buy that script?

Tunsil was said to have been the top overall prospect in the NFL Draft.  And while Tunsil had lost tens of millions of dollars from his free fall during the draft, the Miami Dolphins scooped him up with the 13th selection.

I rolled my eyes at those pundits and “experts” bashing Tunsil for being stupid and having character issues.  Hell, show me a college student that didn’t do anything stupid, and I would call him/her a liar.

That said, Tunsil should have been a bit smarter than being videotaped with a bong (and not deleting it).  Could he have used better judgment?  Sure.  But it’s not the worst transgression I’ve seen.

I must say, Tunsil handled the aftermath a lot better than I would have.

With sweat beads forming all over that bald head of his, Tunsil answered every question at the media session with complete honesty and without any lingering bitterness.  He definitely made himself more likable.  I know I will be pulling for him this coming season.

And while this past weekend may have been crazy for Tunsil, it was worse for the folks in Oxford, Mississippi.

The NCAA is already investigating Ole Miss, and you know it is going to hammer the school for giving money to Tunsil.

I’ve (and many sports fans) always wondered how in the hell did Ole Miss manage to score top recruiting classes the last two to three years.  I mean, its football tradition is pretty much Archie Manning.  Now, we have a good idea of how Ole Miss did it.

You know what though, I’m not mad at Ole Miss.

After all, if you ain’t cheating, you ain’t trying.  And it’s not cheating if you don’t get caught.

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  1. Man no one has mentioned how well he handled thst situation. Imagine having your dream shattered in front of millions of people. He did it like a champ.

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