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NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at New York Giants

I never expected Chip Kelly to coach in the NFL again.  Not after that debacle he was responsible for in Philadelphia.

During his tenure as head coach of the Eagles, Kelly managed to alienate everyone: the fans, players, front office, and ultimately ownership.

It’s not like Kelly forgot how to coach.  He won 20 games his first two years with the Eagles.

Two things did Kelly in: his poor job as a general manager and his inability to get along with others.

He couldn’t get along with star WR Desean Jackson and star RB LeSean McCoy.  So what did Kelly do?  Cut Jackson and traded McCoy for a tomato can.

He also back-stabbed personnel dude Howie Roseman in the back in order to attain more power in personnel decisions.  Kelly also managed to piss off owner Jeff Lurie for asking the owner to reschedule the annual organization’s Xmas party, all because he “had to work”.

So the obvious question is now this.  Since Kelly managed to jack up the scene in Philly, how in the hell would he co-exist with San Francisco 49ers owner Jed York and general manager Trent Baalke?

As surprised as I was when I found out Kelly WOULD be coaching in the NFL again, I was doubly surprised that it was the Niners.  Weren’t the aforementioned Niners’ owner and GM the same cats who ran off another polarizing coach in Jim Harbaugh, mainly because Harbaugh could not play nice with others?

While I am eagerly awaiting for the ultimate crap show to begin in San Francisco, I will give Kelly this: incumbent QB Colin Kaepernick may be a better fit for Kelly’s offensive scheme.  Kaep gives Kelly the dual run-pass threat needed for his system to succeed.

Now if Kelly turns Kaep’s career around, it may well be worth it for Niners fans.  It’s just the other egotistical part of the Kelly equation that I am the most concerned about.

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