2016 NFL Playoff Preview: Divisional Round


Kansas City Chiefs at New England Patriots.  This is a game can go either way.  A big part of me really, REALLY wants to pick the Chiefs.  The Chiefs have won 11 games IN A ROW!  But there is something about that pretty boy QB Tom Brady and that bastard coach Bill Bellicheat that is keeping me from pulling the trigger.

For Kansas City, it’s all about Jeremy Maclin’s health.  If he can play while at least 85%, then the Chiefs can pull the upset.  Otherwise, the Patriots have a one-way ticket to the AFC Championship Game.

You know what, as banged-up as the Pats are, I think they will pull out a close one at home.  Patriots 20, Chiefs 17.

Pittsburgh Steelers at Denver Broncos.  As big as a Steeler fan as I am, I think this is going to be a Grade-A ass-whooping.  No Antonio Brown.  No DeAngelo Williams.  And Big Ben Roethlisberger is really banged up.

Meanwhile, the Broncos are a lot healthier, and are still pissed off at the hit Cody Wallace put on one of their defensive players.  Oh, and Peyton Manning will be starting the playoff game.

This game may very well be over by halftime.  Either way, I’m still proud of my Steelers for getting this far, despite the injuries they endured all season…  Broncos 28, Steelers 10.


Seattle Seahawks at Carolina Panthers.  This should be the most physical game of the weekend.  Both teams do not like each other, and if you love defense, this is the game for you.

Seattle has to be the luckiest NFL team of all-time.  It took a chip-shot field goal miss by the normally reliable Blair Walsh for the Seahawks to win in Minnesota last weekend.  They will need all the luck in the world to win in Charlotte.

Speaking of which, I think the Panthers are seething over the fact that most pundits are picking Seattle to win.  Carolina has to be the most disrepected 15-1 team in NFL history.

That said, while it wouldn’t shock me if Seattle wins, I think the Panthers will pull this one out.  It will be a a rock’em, sock’em slugfest – and I am looking forward to it…  Panthers 19, Seahawks 17.

Green Bay Packers at Arizona Cardinals.  The packers got their asses kicked last time they played in Arizona.  While this won’t be an ass-whupping, but Green Bay is still not winning this game.

Since this is late at night and I am tired as hell, I’m wrapping this up…  Cardinals 34, Packers 24.

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