Clemson Is in Good Hands w/ Dabo

ClemsonFans of the Clemson Tigers should have nothing to be ashamed of.  In fact, they should be pretty damn proud of the Tigers after last night’s loss.

Look, this is not to say that we should take stock in moral victories.

After all, the Alabama Crimson Tide was clearly the better team.  The Tide’s strength and speed was on full display Monday night.  The difference in coaching was evident as well as Bama’s Nick Saban CLEARLY surprised Clemson’s Dabo Swinney with that onside kick that turned the tide (no pun intended) of the game.  And it didn’t help the Tigers that their defense and special teams failed them with lapses that led to big plays.

So this is not about moral victories, this is about telling the truth.

The Tigers balled their asses off last night.  They stood toe-to-toe with the mighty Tide, trading body blows in the form of big plays.  QB Deshaun Watson was clearly the best player on the field last night.  And even after scoring late to make the difference respectable, Clemson showed no signs of quitting.

For all of that, Clemson fans should feel good about its future.

Swinney has built this program into a powerhouse in the making over the last five years.  The Tigers have beaten top 10 teams during that time, and the rewards of those victories have manifested themselves on the recruiting trail.

Next year Clemson has as many as 17 starters returning.  Also keep in mind that this is one of the youngest teams in football this season.  So Clemson fans have plenty of reasons to raise their heads up high.

The Clemson Tigers proved two things during their magical 2015 season.  First, they have officially retired the term “Clemsoning”.  Lastly, they are going to be a power in college football next season – and the years to come.

And it’s all because of a dude named Dabo.  #ALLIN and #BYOG, indeed…

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