2015 NFL Week 3 Musings

NFLBig Ben’s injury is a devastating blow.

It was a bittersweet Sunday afternoon for me and Steelers fans everywhere.  Bump that, it was a MISERABLE Sunday afternoon for us.  Four to six weeks without our starting QB.  Now we have to rely on our backup Michael Vick to get the job done the next six weeks.  I mean it could be a helluva lot worse – Pittsburgh would have been stuck with the immortal Landry Jones.  But let’s face it, Vick is no Big Ben.

For now, it’s “in Vick we trust” for Steeler Nation.  But with the Ravens coming to town Thursday night and a daunting schedule ahead of the Steelers while Big Ben is out (Ravens, at Chargers, Cardinals, at Chiefs, Bengals, and believe or not the Raiders), this is such a devasting blow.  Damn…

The AFC South is the worst division in the NFL.

Here is what y’all need to know about this sorry-ass division.  Every team is 1-2.  The division favorite Colts do not look good at all.  If it weren’t for the Titans choking that lead away in the fourth quarter, Indy would be starting the season at 0-3.  In the AFC South.  If the division “winner” wins more than nine games at season’s end, I’d be shocked.

The Falcons are for real.

I loved the moxie the Falcons showed against the Cowboys in Dallas.  Sure the Cowboys played without WR Dez Bryant and QB Tony Romo, but a road win is a road win.  Atlanta would have blown that game a year ago.

Kudos for new head coach Dan Quinn and his staff.  It’s a new day in Atlanta.

Joe Philbin should not have a job.

There is no way the Dolphins should be 1-2.  First, there was the embarrassing loss to the lowly Jaguars.  And I could understand losing to the division rival Bills, but not in such a lackluster effort – and a home opener no less!

I said before the season that the Dolphins first few games of the schedule were so easy, anything less than a 5-1 start would be disappointing.  Now they are 1-2 with an angry Jets team coming to town.

Coach Philbin’s ass should have been fired two years ago.  His team’s underwhelming performance underscores that point…

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