2015 NFL Week 3 Preview

NFLGame of the Week

Atlanta Falcons at Dallas Cowboys.  This is intriguing to me for a variety of reasons.  For one, it gives me a chance to assess if the Falcons are for real or not.  They have looked good the first two weeks of the season.  The offense has been on-point and that defense has looked aggressive under new head coach Dan Quinn.  But they will be going against a high-profile opponent in Dallas, so a win here would make Atlanta legit.

As for the Cowboys, talk about a walking M.A.S.H. unit.  Stud WR Dez Bryant got hurt in Week 1, then QB Tony Romo injured his shoulder last weekend, and now the reliable TE Jason Witten may not play with injuries of his own.  I don’t think the Cowboys have the manpower to beat the Falcons at home this weekend, especially not with backup QB Brandon Weeden slinging the rock.

That said, if the Cowboys do manage to pull this one out, I will be drinking the “Jerral Blue Juice”.  But they won’t…  Falcons 24, Cowboys 17.

The “Which Team Is for Real” Bowl

Browns over Raiders.  Both teams had good wins last week.  Both young QBs had great games last weekend.  Now we will see which team can stay hot in this match-up.

Thursday Night’s Game

Redskins over Giants

Sunday’s Games

Colts over Titans (must-win game for the Colts right here)
Bengals over Ravens (ditto for the Ravens)
Patriots over Jaguars
Panthers over Saints
Jets over Eagles (Chip Kelly, your ass is on the clock)
Texans over Buccaneers
Chargers over Vikings
Steelers over Rams
Cardinals over 49ers
Bills over Dolphins
Seahawks over Bears
Broncos over Lions

Monday’s Game

Packers over Chiefs

Record last week: 8-8 (damn, talk about mediocre…)
Year to date: 19-13 (Meh, it’s still early – so whatever…)

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