2015 NFL Week 4 Preview

NFLGame of the Week

Minnesota Vikings at Denver Broncos.  This is my featured game only to see how big of a fraud Minnesota will make itself out to be in that game.  Keep in mind this is the same Vikings team that lost to the sorry-ass 49ers Week 1 on Monday Night Football.  And while they have a good win over the Chargers last Sunday at home, I think reality smacks Minnesota in the face in Denver.

And while the Broncos have not been lighting it up offensively as much this season, their defense has stepped up in a big way.  Denver’s D will shut down stud RB Adrian Peterson, which would spell doom to QB Teddy Bridgewater.  And keep one thing in mind boys and girls: Denver still employs Peyton Manning at QB.  ‘Nuff said…  Broncos 27, Vikings 17.

Ass-Whupping of the Week

Packers over 49ers.  Has anyone seen how QB Aaron Rodgers has been ballin’ out?  Has anyone seen how bad the Niners been sucking?  This should be over by halftime.

Thursday’s Game

Ravens over Steelers (this hurts my heart to type this, but the “no Big Ben” Steelers have the Ravens licking their chops…)

Sunday’s Games

Jets over Dolphins (I think Miami will fire Philbin and leave his ass in England)
Colts over Jaguars
Bills over Giants
Panthers over Buccaneers
Eagles over Redskins
Raiders over Bears
Falcons over Texans
Bengals over Chiefs
Chargers over Browns
Cardinals over Rams
Cowboys over Saints (the “Battle of the ‘Turrible’ Backup QBs” will invade Sunday Night Football…)

Monday’s Game

Seahawks over Lions

Record last week: 12-4 (Much better.  MUCH better…)
Year to date: 31-17 (My ass is on the A-train now…)

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