2015 NFL Week 2 Musings

NFLWeek 2 was one weird-ass weekend.

Teams in Jacksonville, Oakland, Washington and Cleveland all won on the same weekend.  That wasn’t a typo folks.  The Jaguars, Raiders, Redskins and Browns all won in Week 2.  We may be on the verge of an NFL Armageddon.

I will say this: all those teams are ballin’.  It’s good to those teams competing, and even better to see those fans given something to cheer about.  Yes, I know it’s early, but I still think it’s cool to see.

The Steelers offense is SCARY good.

I must admit, watching my Steelers hang 43 points and amass 453 yards on my brother’s San Francisco 49ers (sorry Chris).  Nothing against the Niners, but it was good to see Pittsburgh move the ball so well and actually finish drives, unlike in Week 1 at New England (screw you Todd Haley!!!).  To me, the scariest part was the Steelers’ offensive explosion was without Le’Veon Bell and Martavis Bryant.  I am looking forward to seeing Pittsburgh’s offense at full strength after Week 4.

One more thing to note: Pittsburgh’s D was MUCH better.  Sure, it gave up 409 yards (most of it during garbage time), but it was a big improvement over last week.  All it has to do is remain at least average and the Steelers will win over 11 games.

The Patriots look unstoppable.

New England went into Buffalo and hung 40 points on Rex Ryan and the Bills.  After all the shit that Rex and his boys talked.  That, ladies and gentlemen, is what I call “man’s game”.

Tom Brady threw for 466 yards with three TD passes without an interception.  Gronk went Gronk (seven receptions for 113 yards and a TD), and Julian Edelman did his thing (11 catches for 97 yards and two TDs) and talked shit back to the Bills secondary.

I think the Bills are a good squad and will get better as the season goes on.  And with the improvement of the Jets (more on them later), this is still the Patriots’ division.

It was WAAAAY too early to opine on Marcus Mariota and Jameis Winston.

Last week Mariota and his Titans lit up Winston and the Bucs.  Mariota was anointed a future Hall of Famer and Winston was declared a bust.  This past week Mariota got spanked in Cleveland, and Winston led the Bucs to a big division win in New Orleans.

Memo to “experts” and fans: shut the fuck up and stop jumping to conclusions.  They only played two games people.


The Colts are not as good as I thought they’d be.

And to think I’d pick those clowns to rep the AFC in the Super Bowl.  Yeah I know, it’s still early.  But man, Indy looks pretty damn awful.  First it got curb-stomped in Buffalo in Week 1.  Last night it got spanked by the Jets at home.

QB Andrew Luck is looking like “Andrew Luck with the out of control beard” so far.  He has thrown five interceptions in two games, and had a lost fumble last night.  And even if he doesn’t have much help offensively, he still needs to step it up.  Look at what Cam Newton is doing for the Panthers as a one-man show himself!

At least the Colts can hang their hats on something: they play in the God-awful AFC South.

Meanwhile, how about those New York Jets?  2-0 and looking serviceable on offense, and of course dominant on defense.  How about that?  I cannot wait for them to hook up with New England this season.


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