2015 NFL Weekly Preview: Week 1

NFLThe NFL season is here.  I’ll say it again: THE NFL SEASON IS HERE!!!

I’m so excited, and I just can’t hide it (“no, no…”).

I would go more into my opening year diatribe, but I did that already with the first bi-divisional NFL preview.  Let’s hope I get more games right this year than last.

So without further ado, let’s go…

Thursday’s Game (Belatedly, of course…)

Patriots over Steelers (Steelers’ D couldn’t stop a parked car; shocking…)

Sunday’s Games

Packers over Bears
Chiefs over Texans
Jets over Browns
Colts over Bills
Dolphins over Redskins
Panthers over Jaguars
Seahawks over Rams
Saints over Cardinals
Chargers over Lions
Buccaneers over Titans (the “Rookie QB Bowl”, good tickets still available…)
Bengals over Raiders
Broncos over Ravens (keep talking your shit, T-Sizzle…)
Cowboys over Giants

Monday’s Games

Eagles over Falcons
49ers over Vikings

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