2015 NFL Preview: Who Will Win Super Bowl 50?

NFL-LogoHere it is folks: the last installment of who will win Super Bowl 50.

In addition to this being a more high-level preview of all the divisions.  Click on the links to those divisions for more detailed previews in case you missed them the first time around.

My picks for who will play in the Super Bowl may shock some of y’all?  Well then again, maybe not.

At any rate, without further ado…


East Champ: New England

North Champ: Baltimore

South Champ: Indianapolis

West Champ: Denver

Wildcards: Pittsburgh and Miami

Conference Champ: Indianapolis Colts


East Champ: Dallas

North Champ: Green Bay

South Champ: New Orleans

West Champ: Seattle

Wildcards: Philadelphia and Arizona

Conference Champ: Seattle Seahawks

Super Bowl 50 Champion: Seattle Seahawks (coach Pete Carroll will RUN THE DAMN BALL!)


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