2015 NFL Week 1 Musings

NFLIt’s going to be another long year for the Steelers defense.

Sure I get it.  My Steelers’ defense went against Tom Brady and Gronk on the road.  Yes, the Patriots had their Super Bowl pre-game ceremony.  And yes, Pittsburgh probably didn’t have a shot.  But at least try and put a man on some receivers and star tight end!

The Steelers’ young secondary inexplicably left Gronk all alone on the line of scrimmage for a couple of plays.  Julian Edelman had fun catching wide-open balls and ran some smack in the process.  And Brady himself missed less than 10 passes the entire game.

Again, the Steelers went against Brady and Co.  But if that young secondary does not grow up and get better quick, fast, and in a hurry, then it’s going to be a lot of 40-30 games in 2015.  In other words, Pittsburgh will be the second coming of the New Orleans Saints.

Things are not looking good for Chip Kelly’s Eagles.

It was a first half to forget for the Eagles last night.  They scored just three points and put themselves in a deep hole at halftime.  And sure they mounted a nice comeback, but there are some troubling signs for Philly.

For one, Philly appeared a bit soft last night.  During that forgettable first half, the Falcons beat them up from the point of attack.

Look, the Eagles are a good football team, and are explosive offensively.  And it’s good to see QB Sam Bradford make it through an NFL regular season game unscathed – and he played well too.

It’s just that the Eagles do not have the rough-riders as they did last season.  Coach Kelly may soon wish that he had all those talented dudes he inexplicably shipped out during the offseason.  Speaking of which…

LeSean McCoy may have the last laugh.

McCoy may not have set the world on fire statistically (17 carries for 41 yards) against the Buffalo Bills, but man did he look good coming off a hamstring injury.  He ran hard, he looked determined, and he should get only better as the season progresses.  Look for McCoy to get more involved on offense and score TDs in spades going forward.

Oh and by the way, McCoy is not the only dude who is having the last laugh at the moment…

…So does Rex Ryan.

Ryan has heard all of the pundits downgrade his team (including yours’ truly).  My man Adam Schien of SiriusXM’s “Schien on Sports” lit Ryan’s ass up on his radio show as soon as the Bills hired him.

And while this was only Week 1, Buffalo is look pretty damn good.  Those cheating-ass Patriots will be in trouble when they visit Buffalo next week.

And speaking of overreacting from Week 1…

Andrew Luck will be fine.

Memo to the fans: Luck is not a scrub.  He is still a top-5 QB in this league, and he is not going to turn into Tim Tebow any time soon.

I mean sure, Luck didn’t look good at all in the Buffalo game.  I have a feeling that Buffalo’s D may do that to a lot of QBs this season.  Just keep in mind it’s only Week 1 people.

The Giants were a dysfunctional bunch in Dallas.

Now the Giants are a team a am worried about.  I don’t think they will be very good this season, and that Sunday night game reaffirms my prediction.

How in the hell did they muck up that series a few yards away from the Cowboys’ end zone?  Did ANYONE know how many timeouts Dallas had?  Did coach Tom Coughlin?  Did QB Eli Manning?  I know one thing for sure, Rashad Jennings made sure that EVERYONE knew that HE knew what time it was.

What a hot mess the Giants are right now.  And speaking of hot messes…

The Vikings-49ers game was horrible to watch.

I felt bad for anyone who watched that game from start to finish.  Between the bad football played by both teams (did anyone see all those special teams penalties in the first half?) and the bad commentary (Chris Berman and Trent Dilfer should not be doing an NFL game again), the game was one God-awful experience.  Dilfer’s wank-a-thon over Colin Kaepernick and Berman’s non-intelligible rant made want to rip my eardrums out.

I checked out at halftime and am STILL mad that I cannot get that hour and change back.  UGH…

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