2015 NFL Preview: AFC/NFC West

NFLIn this last installment of the 2015 NFL Preview, bi-divisional style, I will preview the AFC and NFC West…

AFC West

  1. Denver Broncos (11-5)
  2. Kansas City Chiefs (9-7)
  3. San Diego Chargers (8-8)
  4. Oakland Raiders (6-10)

Analysis:  A lot of people think that this is the year that the rest of the division catches up with the Broncos.  And people also think that this is Broncos QB Peyton Manning’s last season in the NFL.  Even with the personnel changes across the division, there is no way I could see the Chiefs, Chargers, and certainly not the Raiders challenging Denver.

Kansas City does not have enough offense to match its good defense.  San Diego does not have the defense to match its great offense.  And Oakland?  Let’s just say the Raiders are a hot-ass mess.

NFC West

  1. Seattle Seahawks (12-4)
  2. Arizona Cardinals (10-6)
  3. St. Louis (soon to be Los Angeles) Rams (8-8)
  4. San Francisco 49ers (6-10)

Analysis:  In what may be the second-best division behind the AFC North, here is how I see things shaping out.  First of all, I see a few more chinks in the Seahawks’ armor.  The players may very well be still mad at head coach Pete Carroll’s stupid-ass decision to go with a quick slant from the 1/2-yard line when RB Marshawn Lynch was in the game.  And word on the street is there may be a trade in the works to send strong safety Kam Chancellor to the New York Giants.  And QB Russell Wilson has been saying some wacked out shit over that damn “holy water” that cured him of his injuries.

Even with all those things going on in Seattle, I still think the Seahawks are the class of this division.  Similar to the Chiefs, the Cardinals and the Rams do not have the offense to go with their great defenses.  As for the Niners, what in the hell was owner Jed York thinking in getting rid of former coach Jim Harbaugh?  Do York and the egomaniac Trent Baalke think that this Tomsula dude will get it done in San Fran?  Really???

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