2014 College Football Preview: SEC

674_-southeastern_conference-secondary-Welcome to Part II of my 2014 college football preview.  Today I will preview the Southeastern Conference, otherwise known as “The Beast”.

If it weren’t for me growing up in Atlantic Coast Conference territory, I would follow the SEC almost as religiously as I would the National Football League.

This conference has compelling matchups on almost a weekly basis.  Every year there is LSU-Alabama, LSU-Auburn, Florida-LSU, Florida-South Carolina, Georgia-South Carolina, Florida-Tennessee (especially when the Volunteers are competitive).  It’s also home to some of the more heated, storied rivalries in the sport: the World’s Biggest Cocktail Party (Georgia-Florida), the Egg Bowl (Mississippi State-Mississippi), and the biggest of them all: the Iron Bowl (Alabama-Auburn).

Throw in Texas A&M and Missouri into the mix, and we’ve got big games almost EVERY WEEK.  No other conference could boast that.

I mean, what’s not to love about this league?

Okay, so without further ado…

East Division

  1. South Carolina (6-2 conference, 10-3 overall)
  2. Georgia (6-2, 10-2)
  3. Florida (4-4, 8-4)
  4. Missouri (4-4, 7-5)
  5. Tennessee (3-5, 6-6)
  6. Vanderbilt (2-6, 6-6)
  7. Kentucky (1-7, 4-8)

Analysis: This will be a fun division race to watch. Both South Carolina and Georgia are the teams to beat in the SEC East. Either if those teams would give Alabama a run for its money in the SEC title game. The rest of the division is intriguing only to those who care if Florida and Tennessee will be back to competitive status.

West Division

  1. Alabama (7-1, 12-1)
  2. Auburn (6-2, 10-2)
  3. LSU (5-3, 9-3)
  4. Mississippi (4-4, 8-4)
  5. Texas A&M (4-4, 7-5)
  6. Mississippi State (3-5, 7-5)
  7. Arkansas (1-7, 4-8)

Analysis: This is one of the best division in college football. The top three teams in this division would beat the crap out of almost any team (apparently except Florida State) in the country. I think the Iron Bowl will settle the West division title. Since Alabama is hosting that game, that alone should put the Crimson Tide the win over Auburn.  The rest of the division outside of Arkansas will be much-improved.  Speaking of the Razorbacks, think Brett Bielema wishes he kept his ass in Wisconsin?

SEC Champion: Alabama Crimson Tide

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