2014 College Football Preview: Who’s Gonna Win it All?

Free-Ncaa-Football--Wallpaper-473Today not only will I preview the one remaining power conference (sorry Pac-12) and the “Group of Five” conferences (MAC, Mountain West, American, Sun Belt, and Conference USA), I will tell you guys who I think will make the inaugural College Football Playoff and who will be the first champion.

I will first list the power conferences I’ve already previewed with only the conference champs.  In case y’all want to learn about the other teams in those conferences, I’ve provided links to each of those conferences’ previews (reading is fundamental, you know?).  Again, with apologies to the Pac-12, I will only list the predicted order of finish.  The “Group of Five” will be given the same treatment.

So, without further ado…

Atlantic Coast Conference: Florida State

Big Ten: Michigan State

Big 12: Oklahoma

Southeastern Conference: Alabama



  1. Oregon
  2. Stanford
  3. Oregon State
  4. Washington
  5. Washington State
  6. California


  1. UCLA
  2. USC
  3. Arizona
  4. Arizona State
  5. Utah
  6. Colorado

Pac-12 champions: Oregon Ducks

MAC (#MACtion): Bowling Green

American: Cincinnati

Mountain West: Utah State

Conference USA: Marshall (“We Are MARSHALL!”)

Sun Belt: Louisiana-LaFayette

College Football Playoff participants: Florida State, Alabama, Auburn, Oklahoma

College Football Champion: Alabama Crimson Tide



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