$115 Million for Andy Dalton not a Good Gamble

CincinnatiBengalsThere’s not much to like about the contract extension the Cincinnati Bengals gave QB Andy Dalton.

I didn’t like the fact that it is a six-year extension that will max out to $115 million (I don’t care if Dalton will “only” make $18 million guaranteed this season and $22 million by next February).  I didn’t like that they gave it to a quarterback that has yet to win a game in the playoffs.  I also didn’t like that Dalton’s last game in the playoffs was a “turrible” one against the San Diego Chargers – at HOME.

So forgive me for not liking the contract extension the Bengals handed to Dalton.  Not one bit.

Look, I’m not hating on Dalton himself for scoring that $115 million extension.  He obviously has a damn good agent, so good for him.

However, Dalton has not adequately lived up to that contract extension – at least not yet.

Sure Dalton has led the Bengals to nine, 10 and 11 wins his first three seasons and became the first quarterback to take the franchise to three consecutive playoff appearances.  For a franchise that hasn’t had much luck since the 1980s, that’s saying something.

On the other hand, if the Bengals want to make it to the promised land, they need better quarterback play from Dalton.  In those three playoff games (first two were at the Houston Texans) he threw for only one score.  He committed seven turnovers — six of them interceptions.  He led the offense to a total of two touchdowns, one more than Cincinnati’s defense scored.  For a team that employs offensive stars such as wide receivers A.J. Green, Marvin Jones and running back Giovanni Bernard, there is no excuse for Dalton’s poor play in the playoffs.

Simply put, the Bengals had no damn business giving $115 million extension to a QB with playoff stats that horrible.

Having said that, there may be some good things ahead for Dalton.  New offensive coordinator Hue Jackson is known for getting the best out of his offensive talent.  Jackson should be to Dalton as Norv Turner was to Troy Aikman.  I expect Dalton to use Jackson’s tutelage and succeed.

Hell he better succeed, or heads (head coach Marvin Lewis and friends) will roll in Cincinnati.



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  1. Elite NFL Quarterback is the most desired commodity in American Sports. Dalton certainly benefits from the fact that 32 teams need good QB’s and there are only about 18. The laws of supply and demand dictate that the Bengals hand over the loot. There are no other sensible options. He’s been a terrific regular season performer. Bengals fans must cross their fingers and hope it transcends to the playoffs. Soon.

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