The Lakers Are a Hot Mess

Before I tap dance on the Los Angeles Lakers, I have to issue a few disclaimers.

First of all, as a lifelong New York Knicks fan, it is my birthright to not only despise the Lakers (and the Celtics), but to HATE the Lakers (and the Celtics).  The times the Lakers have lost in the NBA Finals in the 80s and the last decade were moments of pleasure for me.  The fact they are 1-4 now makes me downright giddy.

I am also not a big fan of Kobe Bryant.  Besides the fact that he is obviously beyond arrogant, I did not like the way he ran Shaquille O’Neal out of town.  Plus, I do not anyone would want to emulate Michael Jordan.  Bryant takes that shit to another level.

So pardon me for having a hard time containing myself while composing this Laker rant.

Here’s the deal, the Lakers are not a good team right now.  The 1-4 record speaks for itself.

The parts they have brought in – Dwight Howard and Steve Nash – have not meshed well thus far.  There is usually a period where it takes new pieces – especially high-profile new pieces – to mesh with their new teammates.

However, the point of the preseason is to alleviate such concerns.  The Lakers were winless in the preseason.  While the preseason is not generally a big deal, the Lakers’ body language during that time spoke of pressure – as in feeling the pressure to live up to lofty expectations.  Remember how uncomfortable the Lakers players were in addressing the fact that they finished the preseason winless?

Well I’ll give the Lakers this: Mike Brown was not the right coach for the team.  Dude appeared in over his head at times last season.  Even though the Lakers did win their division last season, it was apparent that it was Bryant – not Brown – who was the REAL coach of the team.

As for last season’s playoffs, the Lakers was only the third best team in the Western Conference.  They struggled against the Denver Nuggets in the first round, going the full seven games.  And then we all remember what happened against the Oklahoma City Thunder in the second round – losing 4 games to 1.

People were questioning the Lakers under Brown’s direction then, and the 1-4 start didn’t help Brown’s cause.

Bottom line: the Lakers are a friggin’ mess.  They are too old, do not have enough depth, and do not have the right personnel to run their offensive system.  Nash, Bryant, and Howard in the Princeton offense?  Really?

No matter who they bring in as coach – and let’s stop with the Phil Jackson rumors, dude is done – LA needs to hit the reset button.  Thankfully it’s early (remember it’s an 82-game season), but it’s not looking good for the home team right now…

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