Texas A&M’s Win Validates SEC as the Best

A lot of folks have one of the following feelings after Texas A&M pulling off the upset of the year over Alabama today: one of joy, relieve, and trepidation.

Here’s a feeling I think fans of the Southeastern Conference should have after A&M’s win: validation.  Validation that the SEC is once again the baddest college football conference in the land.  Validation concerning the SEC’s depth.

And most importantly, validation that it took one of its own to take down the number one team in the land.

Think about that for a minute.  The SEC has played for – and won – the national title seven of the last ten times, while winning the last six.  The Big 12 couldn’t do it.  The Big Ten couldn’t do it.  And Lord knows my ACC can’t hang.

Now the question is, where does this leave the SEC and the national championship hunt?

Sure the SEC is now behind the 8-ball now that there are no undefeated teams in that conference.  However, I think that Alabama (and possibly Georgia) could still get there, depending on how the three other undefeated teams (Notre Dame, Oregon, and Kansas State) fare the rest of the season.  If two of those teams lose, as long as Alabama (or Georgia) win out, one of those two squads will reach the BCS championship game.

And that would further enhance the legend that is SEC football.

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