The NBA Draft Lottery Was Not Fixed, But…

A lot of people thought NBA Commissioner/dictator David Stern was up to no good again last night.

The New Orleans Hornets won the top spot in the 2012 NBA draft thanks to the NBA draft lottery during halftime of the Celtics-Heat game (wasn’t that a great game?).  Ah the NBA lottery, where the NBA gives us all a reason to watch teams who sucked beyond recognition.

But I digress…

At any rate, folks are crying foul because the league-owned Hornets won the rights to draft Captain Unibrow himself – Kentucky power forward/center Anthony Davis.  These are the same Hornets that are soon to be owned by the Saints owner Tom Benson.

While I do not think the draft lottery is fixed (last I checked the NBA would be committing a felony if it did), I do believe the NBA has a huge perception problem.  I think they should have the teams picked live online with the balls moving.  That way NO ONE could concoct any conspiracy theories (frozen envelopes).

Look, I do not have a problem with the lottery, and I do not think its fixed.  It’s just that sometimes perception is reality.

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