Look Out Folks, Tiger’s Back…

Tiger Woods has done it again, this time in a manner in which he is not accustomed to – coming from behind.

Woods won the Memorial today after rallying from two shots down on the final few holes over the unlikeable Rory Sabbatini, birdying three of his last four holes in the process.   Woods also tied Jack Nicklaus for career PGA Tour victories at the “tournament that Jack built”.

Not bad for someone who golf fans thought his best days were behind them.

Don’t you remember all those pundit and “experts” saying that Woods was finished?  After all, he did quit on a tournament while missing the cut in another right?

As for me, I am happy as hell that Woods is back in the winner’s circle.  I am even happier for golf.

First of all, golf will be more interesting again because its giant has slept for far too long.  You know a lot of sports fans tuned into today’s final round at the Memorial.  And keep in mind that the US Open starts in only 11 days.  You bet your sweet ass the PGA is dancing a hearty jig because the Tiger hype will be in full effect – which in turn equals interest which in turn equals high ratings.

Second, and more importantly, other golfers will start to fear Woods again.  Woods always prided himself on overcoming obstacles – real or perceived – when it matters most.  Fellow golfers must be thinking “damn, that dude is back”.

And all of this comes at the most opportune time.  Rory McIlroy, recently crowned as golf’s next big thing, is sucking right now.  He missed the cut this weekend and has been in a funk lately.  Phil Mickelson pulled out of the tournament this weekend as well.  In short, while golf’s upstarts are failing, the king is back ready to take back his throne.

Life is good for golf once again, and it has its old friend Woods to thank.

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  1. I guess a few people are going to be talking about this at the water coolers. This is crazy story because I didn’t think Tiger would comeback. He isn’t very good at coming back on Sunday’s of tournaments but he did it today. I think Tiger is back and he’s got a very good shot at the upcoming Majors left on the season. It’s great for golf because with Tiger back, it means that golf is back too. Prepare for Tiger-mania because it’s going to be so intriguing to see what happens in the future. Also, you think you could take a look over at my blog as I’d love to know what you think http://chrisross91.wordpress.com/2012/06/03/tiger-and-golf-are-one/

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