To Tim Tebow: My Bad

Broncos QB Tim Tebow led another come-from-behind victory, this time over the New York Jets 17-13 last night.  And he did so with a 20-yard TD run with 58 seconds left to go in the game.

I guess this is the time to apologize to Tebow for not thinking he had a snowball’s chance in hell of being a starting QB in the NFL.

I have written in the past of why I thought the NFL analyst were right in doubting Tebow, how Tebow didn’t look good in his first start, and why I thought he was being sabotaged of all things.  I personally didn’t think that Tebow would be such a galvanizing force in Denver to the point of getting his teammates, fans, and perhaps his coaching staff that the Broncos can be winners – no matter how ugly the process.

So now please except my apology Mr. Timothy Richard Tebow for not taking you seriously.  Though I know you are going to have some ups and downs in the future, I know that you possess that “clutch gene” that drives coaches and fans alike wild.

You guys know how bad this is: I am actually agreeing with ESPN’s First Take ANAL-yst Skip Brainless (Bayless) for a change.  Someone please put me out of my misery…


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  1. Looks like I was right with my pick; I’m a Tebow Believer now!

  2. Broncos defense deserves most of the credit. They are holding teams under twenty points. This allows Tebow to do nothing for most of the game but come up with one scoring drive each half and get credit for the victory. I’m not impressed. Just like the Wildcat, teams will start game planning for Tebow, and, if he can’t throw, he’s toast.

  3. Still not buying Tebow yet. He can win for now but the triple option won’t work forever.

  4. The Lord is with Tim Tebow. Much like Gideon who was forced to go to battle with fewer and fewer men, and without weapons so that God could be glorified, so is Tim Tebow winning without a #1 wide receiver or passing accuracy. So let it be written, so let it be done.

  5. His wins may not be pretty but they are effective. The D is a huge reason for the winning, but Tebow has a big hand in the D playing so well. Tebow doesn’t turn the ball over and when he does have the ball he takes a lot of time off the clock, with the D not playing as many minutes they are fresher, faster and more physical. The D is playing like it did a couple years back in the beginning of the season before they spent the whole game on the field and got tired.

    Go Broncos!!!!!

  6. I may owe him that blog too but I’m still waiting until they face a quality opponent and win. The Broncos defense and offensive line are not getting nearly enough credit.

  7. Well you were wrong like the majority of so called “Experts” but it takes a lot to admit when you are wrong and I admire you that from you, so no worries there is a lot space still in the band-wagon, so please jump on it and ride with us for a beautiful trip around the NFL….

    • Dude, I cannot believe Tebow is pulling wins out of his ass the last few weeks and counting. What can I say, all dude does is wins…

      • He isn’t doing it by himself but he believes on the Man Upstairs and he makes his team believers as well, so they have faith and they are winning that way…maybe there is a Devine intervention, believe it or not….well for them is working so God Bless him…


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