Tebow – and Steelers’ Stubborness – Won Game for Broncos

Tim Tebow did the improbable – he defeated the big, bad Pittsburgh Steelers in yesterday’s wildcard game.

The same Steelers who had the top-ranked defense in the league.  The same Steelers who were the defending AFC champions.  More importantly, the same Steelers who were huge favorites on the road at Denver.

Yet, Tebow worked his magic again, a 29-23 overtime thriller in what was easily the best game of WildCard weekend.

So you’re probably asking the following question: “how in the hell did Tebow manage to pull this off on your Steelers Klownboy?”


The Steelers underestimated the hell out of Tebow’s abilities.  When the Steelers came out on defense, it was obvious that they didn’t think this kid was going to beat them with his arm.  They crowded the line of scrimmage with eight in the box, with no safeties playing deep.  That held true during the first quarter, but after the Broncos made adjustments after they saw that.  “Why not beat those bastards deep since their safeties are not deep?” they thought, and boy did they ever beat my Steelers deep.  Speaking of making adjustments…

The Steelers were too stubborn in their adjustments.  Sure the players play, but coaches get paid for a reason.  They are the ones who strategize and create game plans used to take advantage of opponents’ weaknesses.  Coaches also are suppose to make adjustments to what is going wrong for their team, and my Steelers did a poor job of that.  One would think that after Tebow completed a 50+ yard pass followed by a 30-yard TD strike to take the lead for good in the second quarter, that the Steelers coaching staff would go back to the drawing board.  As you can see from the final score and how it happened, well, those adjustments never happened.

It wasn’t meant to be for my Steelers.  My team came into the game as a walking MASH unit.  Ben Roethlisberger played on one ankle the entire game.  Defensive and offensive linemen were getting hurt left and right.  Free safety Ryan Clark did not play (which turned out to be critical).  But as coach Mike Tomlin preaches, NO EXCUSES.  The Broncos were better yesterday, period.

I have said for the record that I am a Tebow fan.  I think the kid could get it done in this league if he was given a chance and some time as a non-conventional QB.

Now the rest of the league – and my Steelers – are (or should be) believers.

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  1. Klownboy, I have said it before and I will say it again. God doesn’t like the Steelers and he Loves Tim Tebow. 🙂

  2. Couldn’t believe what I was seeing while I watched it happen. Tebow was dropping bombs accurately and on time. Thomas abused Ike Taylor all day long and Taylor got no help since the safeties had to come up in run support (which I think was a reaction after losing Hampton and Kiesel on the defensive line). Tebow removed any doubt about who would be the quarterback going forward into next season in Denver and increased the doubts surrounding Pittsburgh’s secondary that began creeping up last year after the Super Bowl.

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