Penn State Officials – and Paterno – Should Be Held Accountable in Sex Abuse Scandal

Words cannot describe how I feel about child molesters.

As a father of a 22-month-old boy, I shudder at the thought of some sick-ass pervert touching my son in ANY inappropriate manner.  So I do not care who I offend when I say that all child molesters should be castrated AND sentenced to a lifetime of sodomy in prisons worldwide.

Which leads me to the situation going on at Penn State.

In case you haven’t heard, former Penn State defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky (once thought to be the heir apparent to coaching legend Joe Paterno) was charged with sexually abusing teenage boys.  If you want to know about the lurid details, click here.

This reeks on so many levels.

First of all, when Paterno was told of the allegations from a grad assistant who caught Sandusky in a shower stall with a young boy instead of reporting it to his athletic director, he should have reported it to the police after confronting Sandusky.  Merely reporting it to your boss – and let’s face it, the AD works for Paterno, not the other way around – is not good enough.

Second, the said athletic director did not report Sandusky to the police.  Instead he not only eventually banned Sandusky from campus, but ALLOWED HIM BACK ON CAMPUS to run his Second Mile program – which helps at-risk youth.  So basically the allegations were swept under the rug until the charges were made over the weekend.

If that is true – and it looks more and more the case, then every administrator who had a hand in this should be fired IMMEDIATELY.  That includes the athletic director, the president, and Paterno himself.

Sandusky was Paterno’s right-hand mind for crying out loud!  Just reporting it to your “boss” is not enough, and I’m sure Paterno knows that.

Paterno and Penn State’s administrators basically enabled a sexual predator to ruin young boys lives for decades, dating all the way back to 1994!  Even though Paterno and Co. were told of the alleged actions two years ago, it doesn’t mean that no one knew what was going on since 1994 (or maybe before that).

The cover-up is always worse than the crime itself.  Shame on Paterno and the Penn State brass for not acting on the best interest of those boys, who as men have to have a lifetime of therapy.

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  1. i think they should really close the school altogether. it was a house of horrors that was allowed to fester. poor victims. the nazis didn’t do shit like that. fuck paterno. old fucking bastard. fuck him.

  2. Absolutely ridiculous. Paterno should have been fired the same fuckin’ day as the other two. He should also be charged with the cover up.

  3. Paterno did just enough by state law to avoid prosecution when he reported it to his superiors, but he failed miserably the moral test of doing the right thing and coming forward to police to keep Sandusky off campus when he saw his superiors sit on the information. Paterno’s greatest sin will be destroying the ideal of coaching that he held up for so long by allowing this monster to roam free in his house. My thoughts on Paterno’s exit:

  4. I think that people should do what they know to be right. Not reporting this was more about saving face and public perception rather than deal with the fact that they were working with a pedophile.

  5. you are a shameful excuse for a human being…. the fact is the vast majority of people standing up for joe paterno are KIDS!!!!! he reported the ALLEGATIONS !!! at at the time thats all they were and the SCHOOL FAILED TO INVESTIGATE !!!! the man is in his 80’s for christ sake a man of paternos class and character neither of which you posses by the way did not see it and is no judge or jury and has no right to destroy a man baised on an unproven allegation he had no idea there were others he had no facts… just a story which he IMEDIATLEY passed on to his boss… im sure you have an editor and you understand that just like you cant just print whatever the hell you want ….. he cant say whatever the hell he wants…if this was such widespread common knowledge… THEN WHERE THE HELL WAS THE MEDIA you mean to tell me that school dont have a newspaper the fact is the school still has no desire to do the right thing they didnt fire Mike McQueary and he claimed to see it and frankly what about the vice president of the school or the board of trustees you mean to tell me they knew nothing …. to say that a football coach runs a university is just gross ignorance… he was the fall guy ..they wanted the “old man out” the reason the school didnt report it is because they were making to much money the man did what he was supposed to do it or not THE CHILD AND HIS PARENTS DROPPED THE BALL !!!!!!! Blaming joe for not going to the police about something he didnt see…and frankly at the time probably didnt believe..nobody would have guy had never been arrested and had a charity for little kids … who would suspect him… the police didnt until 5 nov 2011 so joe is guilty for not knowing what nobody knew in 1998 or 2002 !!!!! stop the tabloids and get a real journalist KLOWN TIMES this is beneath you THE FANS SUPPORT JOE AND CONDEMN THE TRUSTEES!!!!!!!!!

    • Well,

      First of all, thanks for thinking highly enough of my blog in saying that the tabloids stuff was “beneath” me. Look, I could argue with you all day long about how misguided college kids are in terms of perspective and how a man of Paterno’s stature should have gone over his “bosses” heads and went straight to the police (and let’s face it, Paterno – not the AD nor president – runs Penn State).

      I will agree with you in saying that Mike McQueary should have been hammered just as hard if not harder for stopping the alleged child rape he witnessed in the shower stall.

      However, it’s obvious that I’m not going to change your mind so let me leave you with one question: what if one of those alleged victims was YOUR kid?

  6. No he doesen’t RUN THE SCHOOL IF HE DID HED STILL HAVE A JOB …and the police were notified ..the campus police …they are still cops they still answer to the state … also i would never raise a coward …. yea thats right i said it … my daddy didnt raise one and i wont either …. FYI Im a us marine with 2 tours under my belt at 18 i was in iraq … at 11 i knew that old men werent supposed to put things in my anus…. fact is if the kid had spoken up this would all be over a long time ago … but sadly he didnt that is no reason to blame a man like joe pa a leader of young men for longer than either of us has been alive ….. hes done more GOOD things for young men then probably either of us ever will …. forget that hes a good coach cause frankly hes a little past that now … he is a much better man and that has not changed with age…. we wonder why we are no longer the america of our fathers and grandfathers… the reason they were brave as a society they taught courage …. these kids were victims but by not speaking up they allowed this to keep happening …thats tough….. i know ….but true …to put ownus on JOE PA is cowardly … who among us believes that JOE PA ever would dream of hurting a child… fact is when no child came forward the police had nothing to act on … thats not JOE PA’s Fault … ban him from campus …. he was not convicted ..its discriminatory ,… i know i know … it sounds terrible but the blame is on the parents and the child ALONG with the BOARD OF TRUSTEES …. THEY RUN THE SCHOOL .. that you are very very wrong about ….

  7. well that’s unfortunate if you watched the press conference of the new interum head coach he was still ducking and dodging …joe pa and only joe pa truly expressed remorse and regret he blamed nobody and in fact even said “In hindsight i had wished i had done more” maybe the guy was little past his prime maybe he was just from such a different time that he simply didn’t or couldnt belive that his coworker would do something like that …. hell the man grew up in the 40’s …. this was a vastly different time… imagine explaining child molestation to your grandmother…. what do you think she would do … sandusky was fired and the campus police notified … the man did everything he could … what else should he do … the fact of the matter is as tragic as this was Penn state is a much worse place now than it was yesterday same corrupt Board same corrupt campus police and for the most part same coaching staff minus the class.. The fact that McQueary still has a job and Joe Paterno doesn’t is incredible. McQueary is more accountable for this than Paterno in my opinion. If he is on the sideline, being paid to coach on Sunday, then there is something seriously wrong with the way the people in charge of deciding who should stay in the PCU organisation are doing things…. and the fact is that the only reason paterno is out and he is in is paterno makes a bigger headline…. media gets story … board gets rid of “old man”….. america and the student body of penn state lose a great man and a mentor …….. find one former player that has a bad thing to say about this man’s character…. even now …. the people who KNOW JOE KNOW BETTER ……lesser men cast stones at a man.. even with all of his imperfections… has character beyond the’re comprehension

    FYI the attorney general and the president knew that guns were being traffic’d to drug cartels that had murdered over 25,000 people in mexico in last 4 yrs …… such a program could’t exist without there approval much less there knowledge…they are currently actively covering this up not to mention all there other scandals …………………………………………….. what do you think we should do to them………… at least one american died as a direct result ?

    • Hey my man, please do not think that I (and most other people) are solely piling on Paterno. Trust me when I say several other people in the chain of command need to be canned as well. The president got canned, but the AD and the other school exec need to go as well. Why they are lawyering up instead of admitting their mistakes is quite telling.

      I just think that since Paterno is all about doing the right thing at ALL costs, he should have stepped over that dumb-ass AD and told police himself, not to mention castrate and beat up that sick bastard Sandusky – or at least confront him. There has been nothing written nor reported that Paterno did the latter.

      By the way, why that grad assistant (now wide receivers coach) is still employed and coaching Saturday’s game is beyond me. If anything, dude has skated (thus far)…


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