The Ravens Are the New Sheriffs in the AFC North

These are not the same Baltimore Ravens from seasons past.

The Ravens of the last few seasons would have folded when the game was on the line against my Pittsburgh Steelers.  Ravens QB Joe Flacco would have cowered in the moment, leaving the defense pissed off yet again.

However, Flacco calmly drove the Ravens 92 yards against what was the alleged 2nd-rated defense in the NFL, finishing off the drive with a pretty 28-yard touchdown pass to a rookie WR with eight seconds left.  Now that’s what I call growing up.

Not only it put the Ravens in the driver’s seat in the AFC North (I do not see them losing to Cincinnati at all), but in the AFC itself.  That also means that unfortunately my Steelers will be playing catch-up in the Wild Card role.

Stud LB Terrell Suggs, a.k.a. “T-Sizzle”, gave mad props to the Steelers, saying that they were still the team to beat in the AFC, and that his Ravens will see them again in January (the playoffs).  Here’s hoping T-Sizzle is right.

But for now, the moment belongs to the Ravens (unfortunately)…

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  1. Steelers don’t make the playoffs

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