2011 NFL Week 9 Preview

Game of the Week

Baltimore Ravens at Pittsburgh Steelers.  Armageddon.  The game that the world will stop to watch.  Those were the words of my man Terrell Suggs, the Ravens’ motor-mouthed LB.  While it will be a game to watch in prime time on Sunday night, I think my Steelers will come out swinging.  In fact, I do not think this will be even close.

My Steelers remember well what the Ravens did to them in Week 1.  Baltimore wanted it more, and it showed on the field.  However, the Ravens ran up the score when it was already decided (I do not have a problem with running up the score in professional sports) and you better believe Pittsburgh remembered that.  Look for QB Ben Roethlisberger to spread the Ravens out a la the Patriots game and pick their asses apart.  Also look for Ravens QB Joe Flacco to run for his life.

The Steelers are not accustomed to being embarrassed, so look for them to even the score and then some on the second leg of the “Revenge Tour”.  Steelers 30, Ravens 13.

Upset of the Week

Giants over Patriots.  A lot of people are thinking the Patriots will be pissed off from the beating they took in Pittsburgh at the hands of my Steelers last week.  HOWEVER (channeling my inner Stephen A. Smith), the G-men match up well against the Pats.  New York has a front four that can get after ANY quarterback.  In fact, they could just crush their front four and drop the rest of the defenders in coverage.  Plus with Eli Manning playing at a high level, the Giants should be able to move the ball at will against the porous New England defense.

Who Gives a Damn Game of the Week

St Louis Rams at Arizona Cardinals.  Anyone who watches this game has a serious gambling addiction.  Nothing says “must-see TV” like two one-win teams going at it.  I am guessing there may may be a blackout, which should be a blessing for the local fans.  God bless the announcers who have to call this crappy game.

Sunday’s Games

Bills over Jets
Cowboys over Seahawks
Falcons over Colts
Chiefs over Dolphins
49ers over Redskins
Saints over Buccaneers (it’s payback time in New Orleans)
Texans over Browns
Bengals over Titans (HUGE conference game for both teams)
Raiders over Broncos (it might get ugly for Tim Tebow)
Packers over Chargers

Monday’s Game

Eagles over Bears

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  1. I agree with you that the Steelers/Ravens game could be an ugly one for the visitors. There is something inherently wrong with Joe Flacco and OC Cam Cameron that is making a mockery of Baltimore’s offense. Hard to believe that they’ll get their heads on straight and keep pace with Pittsburgh. Enjoy the games.


  2. I’m with you on the Pittsburgh pick. The Ravens seem to be trending down (losing to Jacksonville and having to rally against Arizona) while the Steelers have hit their stride. These are two teams that are similar but are heading in different directions right now. That Steelers home crowd is going to be going crazy on Sunday night. Great picks, mine are here.


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