Steelers-Ravens Is the NFL’s Best Rivalry

There is nothing better than Steelers-Ravens.  We all get to see it in prime-time this Sunday night from Heinz Field.

These two teams not only hate each other, but their hatred burns like a bright, white flame on a firecracker.

Why the animosity you ask?  Well, both teams are similar.  Both play hard-nosed, physical defense and like to pound your ass into submission.  Nothing finesse, nor tricky.  Just straight-up, powerful, manly football.  In short, both teams play football they way it was meant to be played.

Can't get any nastier than this...

I mean, look at the hard hits during these games.  It’s definitely not for the faint of heart.

That is why this is hands-down the best rivalry in the NFL.  Nothing is as nastier, hard-hitting, and emotional as this.

In fact, I’ve ranked the best rivalries in the NFL.  The rankings are based on competitiveness and flat out nastiness.  Heeeere we go:

  1. Steelers-Ravens
  2. Patriots-Jets
  3. Packers-Bears
  4. Giants-Eagles
  5. Cowboys-Eagles
  6. Saints-Falcons
  7. Dolphins-Jets
  8. Packers-Vikings
  9. Cowboys-Redskins
  10. Steelers-Bengals

8 Comments Add yours

  1. SamDaMan says:


    1. klownboy says:

      Really? I understand the historical significance, but the Redskins haven’t been competitive in quite some time. I think Cowboys-Eagles has been nastier…

      1. SamDaMan says:

        I suppose if a person were born in the last 20 years they’d have no idea how big the Cowboys/Redskins was. I also suppose Cowboys/Eagles is bigger right now. But I don’t personally don’t see rivalries mattering on the grand scale if both teams aren’t contenders consistently…e.g. Cowboys/Redskins late 70s-early 80s Danny White vs. Theisman. OMG..those were games. 2 teams contending for about half a decade or more consistently winning playoff game or Super Bowls-Redskins.

      2. SamDaMan says:

        Never have the Cowboys been great and the Eagles=btw the Eagles have never been great..they’ve been good but 0 Super Bowl wins=FAIL. I suppose this all comes down to respect but as a Cowboy fan I don’t even respect the Eagles as a team. Eat my shorts Eagle fans you are on the same level as the Cardinals who also have 0 Super Bowl wins!!!

  2. JAG says:

    It’s sad not to see the Raiders on here. Their rivalries with the Broncos, Chiefs, Steelers, Jets (and damn near everyone else) were legendary. But, I agree; they have to be more competitive to make the list.

  3. Go Ravens says:

    Cowboys-Redskins? Are you serious? Maybe in the days of Roger Staubach but not in the past two decades.. A more intense Redskins rivalry nowadays is between the fans and the inept owner little Danny Snyder.

    1. klownboy says:

      Yeah, I agree with you on Cowboys-Redskins, which was why I had them near the bottom of the rankings.

      By the way, it’s “Danny Boy” Snyder to you…

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