2012 Week 11 NFL Preview

Game of the Week

Chicago Bears at San Francisco 49ers. I would have picked the Ravens-Steelers game, but with Big Ben out this Monday Night matchup is not a bad fallback option. Both teams are banged up at the QB position. Both Jay Cutler and Alex Smith are coming off concussions, and both may not play in this game. However, both defenses make this game worth watching, especially if you love hard-hitting defenses as much as I do (“defense wins championships” dammit!). This game will be for the faint of heart. Field goals will decide this one, with the home team pulling this out late – with or without either starting QB. 49ers 13, Bears 10.

The Who Gives a Damn Game of the Week

Jets at Rams. If Tim Tebow FINALLY gets his shot, then this game would be interesting (hell ESPN would make sure of that). Otherwise, only gambling degenerates would care about this game. Oh by the way, Rams over Jets.

Ass-Whooping of the Week

Texans over Jaguars. This game may get out of hand in a hurry. The Texans are coming off a big win and are clicking on all cylinders. Meanwhile, the Jaguars have …well… nothing. No Maurice Jones-Drew, and a scared QB in Blaine Gabbert. And, the Texans will be playing this game at home. Man, talk about leading a lamb to the slaughter. Texans 30, Jaguars 7.

Thursday Night’s Game

Dolphins over Bills

Sunday’s Games

Falcons over Cardinals
Cowboys over Browns (almost the upset of the week, but I chickened out)
Packers over Lions
Bengals over Chiefs
Redskins over Eagles
Buccaneers over Panthers
Saints over Raiders
Broncos over Chargers
Patriots over Colts
Ravens over Steelers (no Big Ben = big loss to the Ravens; still the best rivalry in the NFL, if not all sports)

Last week’s record: 8-5-1
Record to date: 83-46-1

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