Lions and Bills are 3-0? WTF???

The 2011 NFL season is truly a bizarro world.

The Detroit Lions and Buffalo Bills are 3-0.  That’s right ladies and gentlemen, the Lions and Bills are 3-0.

Both teams did not luck themselves to 3-0 – they earned it.

The Lions came from a 20-0 deficit to beat the hapless Minnesota Vikings 26-23 in overtime.  The fact that the Lions did so on the road was even more impressive.  Coach Jim Schwartz is turning the Lions into mean sons-of-bitches on the field, and I am loving it.

The Bills had to do so in comeback fashion – against the New England Patriots no less – is impressive in its own right.  Keep in mind that before Sunday’s game, the Bills lost 17 of their last 18 meetings with the Patriots.  If that was bad enough, the Bills fell behind 21-0 in the first half at home.  Yesterday’s Bills would have quit and assumed the fetal position.  But the 2011 manned up and did the Patriots in the end.  Pats coach Bill Bellicheat is still stunned over the defeat.

Look, I don’t think the Bills will make some noise in the playoffs (I think the Lions will), but they are vastly improved and cannot be taken for granted.

Combine the Lions’ and Bills’ starts with the Raiders making some noise at 2-1, this makes me channel the late Vince Lombardi: “what the hell is going on out here?!!”

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  1. Lions were able to come away with their first victory since 1997 at the Metrodome. Now that’s Sue-weet.

  2. I think that is what makes the NFL great even the losing franchises can be good and are sometimes. Not sure if the Bills will be the high-powered offense once the cold winds and snow arrive though.

    • Yeah I agree dude.

      The NFL is the only sport where fans of EVERY team before the season thinks “I think we’ve got a shot”. Plus there are ALWAYS surprise team every season, evidenced by the Lions and Bills (and to a lesser extent, the Raiders).

  3. @ Slamdunk… C’mon — Bills faltering once the crap weather comes? They’re built for it. Trust me – I freeze my nuts off up here every year!

    I’m no football expert, but I do know that one of the big reasons the Bills are killing all comers is Fitzpatrick’s intelligent use of Fred Jackson. Wind won’t make a difference to him, and snow will slow everyone pretty much evenly.

    Fitz has had some nice throws, but that’s only part of his arsenal.

    But I could be wrong…


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