LSU, not Oklahoma, Is the Best Team in the Country

LSU is ranked #1 in the AP poll this morning, while Oklahoma is still ranked #1 in the Coaches’ Poll.

To me, this one is not even close: it’s LSU and everybody else right now in college football.

Hell, I’d argue that Alabama – not Oklahoma – is the 2nd best team in the country.  Both LSU and Alabama play hellified defense, and can run the ball down your throat.  They both play an old-school brand of football that is designed to wear you down near the end of games and make you cry uncle.

Now back to LSU.  It’s hard not to see why LSU is better than Oklahoma.  LSU has played a MUCH tougher out of conference schedule, and made it look easy.  LSU beat Oregon (40-27) and West Virginia (47-21) by a combined score of 87-48!  Keep in mind that Oregon and West Virginia’s squads are by no means scrub-worthy.

Meanwhile, Oklahoma’s toughest out of conference schedule game was Florida State.


Why Florida State is a good team, they are by no means great.  The Seminoles may have been a bit overrated to be honest with you.

Look, Oklahoma is a great football team – just not as great as LSU…

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